Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long will it take?

Every project is different, with unique issues and challenges. We work together in 3 or 6 hour organizing sessions to implement an organizational system that works for you. You may choose to tackle some of the steps of the system entirely yourself, or work on specific aspects of those steps yourself. Whatever you choose, my goal is to help you achieve a fully functional organized space.

2. Are you going to make me throw everything away?

No. We're not here to make you get rid of your belongings. We're here to encourage you to make decisions regarding your surroundings and to evaluate your current organizing system.

3. Will you just come in and fix it?

Sorry, but no we will not. Organizing is a learned skill that we want to help you master. Your full participation is necessary in order to be in control of your own surroundings. The goal is for us to work together to create the right system that fits your lifestyle.

4. Can I hire you to help someone else?

Yes, but only with the full cooperation of that third party. They need to see the value of becoming organized for themselves, and be willing to put the time and effort into the organizing process.

5. How far will you travel?

Our organizers reside in the "Quiet Corner" of Northeastern CT and service the Eastern CT, Metro-West/Worcester MA and Rhode Island areas. We prefer to work locally, within 30 miles of of Killingly, but will travel up to 50 miles each way for larger projects. 

6. I want to hire you, but live in another state. Is there a way to work with you other than in person?

Yes! Technology is quite amazing, isn't it? We can work with you in real-time by using Skype to “be” with you as an organizer guides you through the process. Technology also allows us to see your computer screen, so I can help you organize your digital files as well. The long term results are even more effective than in-person sessions, because you are organizing your things and understanding the concepts behind everything. The organizational skills you learn will serve you for years to come!

7. I can do this myself. Why should I hire you?

How long have you been saying you would get it done (months? years?)? Does there always seem to be something else more important that you need to handle first? Or some reason that stops you from finishing? If you still think you’re going to do it yourself without hiring someone, you may very well be fooling yourself. There’s a reason it’s not done yet, or you wouldn’t be here. If we’re the right fit for each other, then we may very well be your missing link. We can guide you and help you over the humps you may be getting stuck on. It won’t be bad and we don't judge. We simply help you move forward and get it done.

8. My home is presentable, decent, even immaculate upon first entering, but there are "hidden" areas that I am embarrassed about behind closed doors and in cabinets. Can you help with all those small areas as opposed to a room or garage?

Absolutely! If you have an area is collecting random pieces of your personal belongings, then we’ll definitely tackle getting it all sorted and out of your way.

9. How big of a mess are you willing to deal with?

If you can’t open doors or walk through rooms because stuff is piled to the ceiling, then please look for a hoarding specialist to assist you. If your items are in disorder because you remodeled, updated, moved, had some other major life change, or just everyday disarray, then that’s a different matter and we can definitely help you.

10. I have clutter. What is the big deal, if no one can see it?

You have no idea how much clutter is affecting you. Depending on how much clutter you have, it can have small or huge energy drains on you. Clutter zaps your energy whether you are conscious of it or not. It adds an “invisible weight”. Clutter will slow you down and hold you back…whether you can see it or not. This includes clutter on your computer as well.

11. Besides making things look better, what will I gain from organizing?

You probably already know the answer to this, but will tell you anyway. The visual benefits are really just a bonus. By organizing, you’ll be much more productive, have an easier time focusing and getting things done, find things fast, and even save money by not having to replace "missing" items. Some more wonderful perks are… boosting your confidence, feeling more in control, having more peace of mind, being happier, not feeling stressed walking into a disorganized room...the list of benefits goes and on!

12. Is your home spotless all the time?

We all wish for that! Daily "messes" do happen. We all makes messes, though being organizers, they don’t generally stay around for too long. :) We’ve created great habits, systems & routines that work amazingly well. Organization is one of oour secret weapons for higher productivity & inspired focus, which is crucial for experiencing a happy, peaceful life with plenty of time to play and relax. Unfortunately we're not exempt from doing all the things we teach you to do. We're still human. :)

13. What do you charge?

Home Organizing or Home Staging/Moving/Relocating services are priced flat rate per project. Please note that appointments are scheduled in 3 and 6 hour increments.